Take control of the health & wellbeing of your workforce

The most common causes of productivity loss and absenteeism are preventable.


One million UK employees will be off work for 4 weeks in 2016, costing UK businesses more than £30 billion.


The cost of staff being present but unproductive at work is 10 times higher than staff absenteeism

130 Million Days

130 million work days lost in the UK in 2015

Reverse the trend


of 10

individuals are already overweight or obese


of 10

already have at least one chronic condition


of 10

adults experience anxiety or depression

How Bodireel helps your business

We help drive meaningful

behavioural change

Company health dashboard: real-time health overview of your workforce

Onsite staff MOT health checks

Individualised health & fitness coaching for each employee

Bodireel's health &Fitness platform

Delivers tailored coaching Directly to each employee via their Smartphone, tablet or computer.

Metrics we focus on

We monitor and improve metrics with proven links to chronic lifestyle diseases

Weight / BMI

Blood Pressure

Cholesterol / Glucose

Hip / Weight Score

Steps per day

We have a record of

Improving people's lives

CEO, Mayfair Worldwide

Michail Chopra

"Bodireel is a vital component of the employee benefits packages we deliver. The quality occupational and preventative health & wellness services delivered to our customers on an individual basis is fantastic value for money"

Online Coach

Michelle Brewster

"Bodireel is the perfect platform for fitness professionals to program and support clients anywhere in the world. The 3D animation videos make it easy for clients to understand the exercises I give them. I can monitor activity and track their results. I can instantly communicate with clients via the platform to create a strong rapport, provide accountability, give support and help them achieve results."

Bodireel User

Claire Turner

"This app has made a huge difference in my life. Bodireel has already changed the way I workout and in 2 months I've seen results. Working with my trainer really pushes me. She sets me challenging workouts and makes sure I do them. I don't think I could have done this without her. It's a great way to get in shape."

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